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LiveHive was unhappy with the leads generated by their website; E25MARKETING improved their website’s conversion rate by 250%.

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LiveHive is a venture backed SaaS start-up that provides sales automation software to help sales teams close more deals faster. The company has raised $6.7 million in total funding. Unhappy with the leads being generated from their website the CEO, Graham Curme, asked E25MARKETING to help with the conversion rate optimization (CRO) of their website.


  • E25MARKETING kicked off the engagement with strategy workshops to define the Who, Why, What and How of LiveHive.
  • The workshops were then followed by an in-depth analysis of LiveHive’s current website’s performance and a deconstruction of competitor websites to exploit their weaknesses.
  • Armed with a wealth of knowledge, the E25MARKETING team wireframed a new homepage and landing pages to optimize inbound marketing leads and re-architect user pathways. The team also came up with new messaging.
  • E25MARKETING designed and developed new webpages from the wireframes created.
  • Finally, the changes were tested end-to-end, with E25MARKETING evaluating multiple creative changes, managing the evolution of tests, and interpreting the results.


  • 5x increase in demos requested via the new homepage.
  • 46.4% increase in session duration and a 21.7% decrease in bounce rate.
  • New landing pages for webinars and product features showed a 307% increase in leads generated from these pages.

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TutorSync wanted more customers; E25MARKETING helped TutorSync increase revenue by 8x.

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TutorSync is a Silicon Valley start-up that makes it easy to instantly find and book a high quality tutor in over 50 subject areas. The company was awarded the Baird Social Impact Award at TechCrunch Disrupt 2015.

TutorSync was spending money on AdWords and paid social media but was not seeing ROI. Also, the conversion rate for sign up was very low, below 1%. E25MARKETING started working with TutorSync in July 2015 to help with customer acquisition.


E25MARKETING implemented a holistic growth strategy covering messaging, PPC, paid social media and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

  • Kicked off the engagement with strategy workshops to define the Who, Why, What and How of TutorSync.
  • After researching the industry and competitors and interviewing customers E25MARKETING developed a go-to-market strategy for TutorSync.
  • CRO experts tested TutorSync’s sign up process and implemented changes to improve the conversion rate of sign up.
  • Created email campaigns that focused on retaining customers for the long term and generating repeat business.
  • AdWords, Yelp and paid Facebook campaigns were used to acquire new customers.


Over the next 6 months TutorSync’s revenue grew by 812%.

  • Changes to the sign up process increased the conversion rate from 0.8% to 4.5%.
  • Customer cost per acquisition from AdWords, Yelp and Facebook ads decreased by 44.4%.
  • ROI on paid media increased by 79% and repeat business increased by 25%.

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C3 IoT

After C3 IoT pivoted their business they turned to E25MARKETING to help
increase brand awareness and generate leads in new customer segments.

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Founded by Tom Siebel, C3 IoT enables the rapid design, development, deployment, and operation of next-generation IoT applications. The company has raised over $110 million in funding.

C3 IoT decided to rebrand, and expand their business to offer IoT applications to new industries such as manufacturing and aerospace. The company engaged E25MARKETING to help grow brand awareness and generate leads in new customer segments.


E25MARKETING implemented a holistic growth strategy covering PPC and paid social media.

  • E25MARKETING kicked off the engagement with strategy workshops to understand C3 IoT’s value proposition, and how PPC could fit within the wider rebranding strategy.
  • Implemented AdWords and LinkedIn sponsored posts to drive traffic to landing pages and generate leads.
  • Utilized remarketing ads to keep C3 IoT top of mind with visitors after they leave the website.


  • Over the campaign CPC was optimized and decreased by 42%.
  • Website visitors from AdWords and LinkedIn ads had lower bounce rate and higher time on site than organic search.
  • Generated 22 leads for the sales team.

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Morro is bringing the hybrid cloud to SMBs;
E25MARKETING is helping Morro accelerate their go-to-market strategy.

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Morro is the first hybrid cloud solution for the SMB market. Founder and CEO Paul Tien sold his previous company ReadyNas to Netgear for $60 million.

Morro is a new product in a new category, so they needed help with branding, messaging and go-to-market strategy.


E25MARKETING worked closely with Morro to launch the product beta and to bring it to market.

  • E25MARKETING kicked off the engagement with strategy workshops to define the Who, Why, What and How of Morro.
  • After researching the industry and interviewing customers, E25MARKETING defined target buyer profiles, and compelling reasons why they would buy Morro’s product.
  • Defined messaging, and developed content for all the webpages of Morro’s website, testing the site with prospective customers.
  • E25MARKETING also worked with Morro to define and test product pricing with prospective customers.
  • Identified different free growth tactics such as industry reviewers, IT support tech forums, etc.


"EIGHT25MARKETING has been great. Their approach to messaging is amazing! Without them our website would not clearly communicate what we do."

Paul Tien

CEO - Morro

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Core Microsystems

E25MARKETING improved Core Microsystems' ROI on ad spend by 43%.

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Core Microsystems is an e-commerce start-up that delivers high-performance video systems to customers such as NASA, Cisco, Panasonic, etc.

Core Microsystems was using AdWords but was generating a negative ROI. The founders turned to E25MARKETING to improve their results.


E25MARKETING created and implemented a marketing playbook, which included messaging, a strategy for PPC, remarketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and email marketing.

  • E25MARKETING kicked off the engagement with strategy workshops to define the Who, Why, What and How of Core Mircosystems.
  • After researching the industry and competitors E25MARKETING created a marketing playbook for Core Microsystems.
  • CRO experts implemented changes to Core Microsytems’ product landing pages and homepage to improve the website’s conversion rate.
  • Created email campaigns that focused on retaining customers for the long term and increasing repeat business.
  • Reviewed Core Mircosystems’ Google AdWords account, and implemented new campaigns including PLA ads to acquire new customers.


  • New product landing pages increased conversion rate by 2x.
  • New AdWords campaigns decreased CPC by 17.8%.
  • Overall ROI on AdWords spend increased by 46%.

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NEXTracker uses E25MARKETING to increase Google Search traffic by 22% in one month.

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NEXTracker is a Series B funded start-up that is building cutting edge solar technology. The company has raised over $40.52 million in funding to date, and was recently voted the #1 solar tracker manufacturer in North America.

NEXTracker was not ranking well on relevant search queries on Google Search. Kristan Kirsh, Director of Marketing Communications, contacted E25MARKETING to increase NEXTracker’s visibility and traffic from organic search.


E25MARKETING implemented an end-to-end SEO solution for NEXTracker.

  • Kicked off the engagement with strategy workshops to understand NEXTracker’s broader marketing plan and identified how SEO would be a part of it.
  • Carried out keyword research so as to build an SEO strategy prioritizing the keywords that have high traffic.
  • Next, E25MARKETING’s SEO experts performed a website audit and identified several issues such as duplicate links and absence of meta descriptions, and fixed them immediately.
  • Then, the SEO strategy of competitors was deconstructed in order to identify weaknesses.
  • And finally, E25MARKETING created an offsite SEO strategy to generate backlinks using content. Backlinks increase your ranking with Google.


In one month NEXTracker’s Google search traffic increased by 22.42%.

  • Traffic to product landing pages increased by 92.86%.
  • The company appears on page 1 of Google when searching for ‘solar tracking companies’.

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Is your website turning your leads away? Is your shopping cart abandonment rate too high? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process for increasing the percentage of website visitors that convert into a sale, lead or user. It is one of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign.


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